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Terms & Conditions

How to book / pay


It is NOT possible to make a preliminary booking of a boat. We have a wide selection of boats & all the year round more boats will enter to our system. Take your time so you know for sure that you want to hire a boat before you book it.

You can easily enter our website to searh for a boat that you would like to hire. When you find a boat of interest, book the boat directly on our website. However, yo first need to create an account.. You should also fill in the skills / experience you have at the time of booking a boat.
We will then contact you via the email address you have provided. Sometimes we will call you to ensure that you have the knowledge / experience needed.

We may also ask you about your crew that will be on board and where you are planning to sail. Of course you can contact us directly and we will help you to find your boat. The website will tell you all about the boats, age, equipment, motor data, home port, etc.

RTC's task is to make sure that you have the skills required to rent the boat you have booked.
When we checked that this is the case, we will confirm your reservation by e-mail. You will receive a confirmation and information on how to proceed.
RTC's brokerage fee is included in the price you see by 20%. The fee must be paid within 3 days after you received our confirmation (7 days from abroad).

When we received the commission we will send the contract and the complete equipment list with the boat owner's name, address and telephone number. Now you should immediately contact him / her. The boat owner has received an identical contract and is waiting for you to contact him / her.
Before the boat owner signs the contract with you, he/she also want to feel sure that you have the skills required for his / her boat. 30% of the boatowners amount is then paid directly to the boat owner at the same time you sign the contract (page 2). The remaining 70% is due no later than 4 weeks prior to rental period start. The contract states clearly what applies in the event of cancellation.
When it is time for checking the boat out it is also time for you to pay the boatowner the deposit for the insurance. This is paid back to you after the rental period when both parts sign the contract again, confirming that all is in order.

You may pay our brokerage commissions with your card directly on our website without no extra charge.
However, if you want to pay the boat owners money via RTC (and we pay the boat owner) we will charge you an administration fee of 300 SEK.

If you want to deposit the excess/ damage waiver deposit with RTC, we will charge an administration fee of 300 SEK.
However, if somethings happens during the rental period RTC has no right to keep this deposit, we have to transfer the deposit to the boatowner and you together with the boatowner has to solve who and how much that has to be paid/ drawn from this deposit.

RTC's brokerage commission is paid back to the hirer when/ if RTC faile to find a boat to rent. If you cancel a reservation and have paid RTC the commission, your commission remains with RTC for 2 years.During this 2 year period you can use this money again to rent a boat.

If you book the boat and then want to cancel it before you have paid the commission, we will charge you 300 SEK as a booking fee.
(The reason for this is that we want you to be sure that you want to rent a boat before you book as we at the same time take this privately owned boat away from the market)
This 300 SEK you also may use the next time you would like to rent a boat with us ( 2years). ). If you have paid the boatowner his 30% and then cancel, this money will be lost. The last payment to the boatowner is due no later than 2 weeks before the charter begins. This will also be "lost" if you cancel during this period, however if you have an insurance your insurance company might cover this. Please check all details with your insurance company.

The equipmentlist is based on the information we have received from the boatowner. Please be aware of that the Life Jackets NOT is rescue jackets but more a sailing west.

Do you or someone in the company have allergy (against mold) we strongly recommend that you check the boat BEFORE the rental period if possible, or rent a newer boat. A boat is on water and it is inevitable that a boat will get water on board and also under deck via hatches, clothes and wet people.