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Terms & Conditions

Rental period

The rental period is normally from Sunday at 16:00 to Sunday at 14:00. A few boatowners rent the boat Saturday/ Saturday.

RTC can usually assist with Weekend rentals. You can see the boats that is possoble to rent weekend if you mark Weekends under advanced search.
However, we don't book weekend rentals during high season (V24 - v33). If a boat is free during these weeks and the boat owner approves weekend rental, we can accept this no earlier than Monday the week of the actual rental date.

Check in / out when renting a boat during a weekend..
Friday - Sunday 17:00 / 14:00
Thursday - Sunday 17:00 / 14:00

Normal price for weekend rentals are:
Friday - Sunday 50% of weekly price.
Thursday - Sunday 65% of weekly price
Great Weekends 75% of weekly price.

Variations in price can occur.

Boats that are rented Saturday / Saturday is NOT possible to rent a weekend!