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Terms & Conditions

Boat Equipment

RTC Båtkontakten has a contract with the boatowners in which we demand that the boat is safe, clean and working properly. Security equipment, kitchen equipment, etc. are a given. Generally speaking, you get the boat with the same equipment as the boat owner himself has on the boat when he is using it privately. The boat owner knows the responsibilities he has agreed upon when accepting our terms. You will also receive personal service from the boatowner, in which he / she instructs you on the boat and its individual characteristics. No one knows the boat better than the boat owner himself. You should be aware that when you hire an older boat, it is working but it is not in a tip top new condition! The old expression "you get no more than you pay for" applies to charter boats. Having said that however, we claim that our boat owners are very serious and that an older boat may well be worth its price and your wallet.