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Terms & Conditions


Once you've booked your boat and paid our brokerage commission you will have a direct contact with the boat owner. Now you also receive the contract that RTC provides. The boat owner will receive the same. In this contract everything is specified in detail. RTC's contract is approved and completed by an authorized lawyer.

If something happens during the rental period (IMPORTANT):

In particular, we wish to draw your attention to the need to inspect the boat and all its contents. Also check the sails, mooring lines etc. Any shortcomings should be acknowledged, and be corrected before you set sail. If this not it possible, it shall be noted in the inspection report and contract. It is too late to point out any errors when you come back. You can be charged for damage that a previous hirer is responsible for so please check everything carefully!.

Should something break (which you can´t repair/ fix easily yourself) when you are out on the lake/ sea, do not go to the nearest port and repair the defect at your own expense and then seek reimbursement when you return. (This applies even if you yourself caused the error). Should anything happen, you should instead contact the boat owner and request assistance or instruction from the boat owner on what to do. Make sure that you get very clear direction on this when you check out the boat and information on how to contact the boat owner for help if needed.

Any claim by you for compensation for own costs due to shortcomings/ damage of the boat will not be approved unless the boat owner first had the opportunity to fix this when discovered. You should not expect to be able to settle any claims brought by the boat owner side for compensation for damages that you or the crew caused the boat.

If the boat you have rented not live up to your expectations, and if the boatowner don't have the possibilities to easily repair/ fix the boat, please contact RTC directly!

We will them do our outmost to find another boat for you.
We do not refund our commission if you contact us after the rental period as we then have had no possibilities to replace the boat you have rented with another boat.


On May 25, 2018, the new Data Protection Act enters into force.

This EU law means that we shall treat personal data and strengthen the rights of the individual in terms of personal integrity. When you book a RTC charter, we will have access to your personal information. We use these as a basis to be able to email a booking confirmation if you choose to proceed with a reservation of a rental boat through RTC. Your data will be deleted from all RTC systems after 2 years automatically if you do not actively choose to remain in our systems. You agree to this when renting a boat and register via RTC Båtkontakten AB. We respect your personal information. We have and will never sell them to third parties.

16 June 2020

Sweden is open for tourist from the EU, WELCOME!

8 June 2020

Please see this link for important information how to act in Sweden during Covid 19:


https://www.krisinformation.se/en/summer (via Krisinformation)



29.04.2020 Updated in GREEN 16 June 2020

Our policies regarding the Covid 19 virus.

At current moment we apply the terms and conditions of the contract. Please note that the contract is a written agreement between the hirer and the boatowner.

RTC has no right to make decisions regarding the signed rental agreement. RTC can only make decisions regarding the brokerage commission. RTC will always be available as a mediator between hirer and boat owner.

If we/ you are affected by COVID-19 this upcoming summer following will apply:

Clients sailing this summer can change their dates in 2020 to a later period. Clients booked to sail this season can change to 2021 or 2022. If the same boat is not available clients may choose another similar boat in our fleet. The owner of the yacht you have rented might not have the yacht for rent after 2020. The Terms and conditions of the signed contract will then be in force.

Countries where a travel ban has been imposed by the Authority will be granted a credit voucher for the paid comission valid for 2020 until 2022.

RTC will do our outmost to assist you the best way. No extra cost will occur for any re-booking

We hope that when summer arrives, we all can travel and enjoy our sailing holidays.